Texas Financial Education Endowment

Grant Application

TFEE hosted an Informational Webinar on September 7th, 2017 at 2:30PM. The purpose of this webinar was to provide interested potential applicants with information on the history of TFEE, administrative expectations and how the application process works.
Please click below if you missed the webinar and would like to learn more about the process.


Eligibility Checklist

2018-19 Grant Cycle Application (click to download)

2018-19 Grant Administration & Advisory Policy Manual (click to download)


Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure that you submit an accurate and complete application.


TFEE was developed under the authority of Chapter 393 of the Texas Finance Code during the 82nd Legislature. Section 393.628 of the Texas Finance Code provides that TFEE will be administered by the Finance Commission of Texas (FC) to support statewide financial capability and consumer credit building activities and programs.

Sec. 393.628. Texas Finance Code. TEXAS FINANCIAL EDUCATION ENDOWMENT. (a) As part of the licensing fee and procedures described under this subchapter, each credit access business or license holder shall pay to the commissioner an annual assessment to improve consumer credit, financial education, and asset-building opportunities in this state.

Financial Capability is a set of consumer behaviors that lead to long-term, tangible improvements in financial health. The TFEE Grant Program welcomes funding requests from organizations that strive to increase and promote financial capability of individuals, encouraging personal financial education and responsibility within the state of Texas.

Qualifying applicant program objectives must align with the following:

  • financial capability and educational services or programs (for minimal or no cost)

  • needs of the “Financial Education and Capability” community

  • strong community interest in financial capability

  • Identify the measurement tools used to track, monitor, and evaluate success

  • evidence of ability to administer funds and implement programs

  • how grant funds will be used to provide benefits that coincide with the stated mission of the TFEE, “Support statewide financial capability and consumer credit building activities.”

  • sustainability after grant funding is discontinued

  • clearly defined and achievable objectives, activities, and progress indicators

TFEE Priorities for Funding:

TFEE funds are awarded to organizations that implement the following priorities:

School and youth based financial education

  •  through 12th grade financial education programs that implement statewide TEKS requirements, including train the trainer programs
    • materials seamlessly integrate personal finance principles into existing curricula
    • professional development programs in personal financial education for kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and administrators 
  • programs for youth or college savings
    • information and incentives to match savings for low and moderate-income families to save for their children’s education
    • Children or youth savings program
  • financial education and capability
    • credit scores, personal savings and reduce debt of low-income, payday, and auto title customers                     
    • programs and incentives
    • strategies for long-term financial empowerment, including parenting for financial capability
    • liquid asset building
  • Coaching

Program emphasizes changes in financial behaviors over time, based on an ongoing relationship between the coach and the client.

Key elements include:

  • a on ongoing, systematic, client-driven, collaborative process for assisting clients to change behaviors
  • to practice new behaviors and financial well being
  • building skills and teaching content based on the client’s unique needs and goals
  • clients to become financially independent and secure

Organizational Eligibility

Non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, schools, and for-profit entities are eligible to apply for grant funding. Funding is NOT open to financial service providers and entities regulated by the Finance Commission (Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, Department of Banking, and Department of Savings & Mortgage Lending).

Program and Applicant Criteria

Application must be completed in full. In its entirety; the application must not exceed 10 pages (not including attachments). Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Only one grant request from an organization will be accepted during a grant cycle.

Program Criteria

  1. Program must:
    • Align with TFEE goals or strategies
    • effective evaluative tools and metrics
    • or provide evidence of program impact
    • longitudinal evidence of performance and outcomes
      1. adequate return-on-investment
      2. strategic goals
      3. capacity to collect and report the following data: number of people served, training hours, pre-and-post survey data, demographic information, and sign-in sheets to justify amount of funds requested
    • evidence  that  programming  will  begin  when  the  grant  is awarded.
  2. Must read and follow all application instructions and guidelines. Applications that do not comply with these instructions may be delayed or not accepted for review.

Applicant Criteria:

Applicants must submit with their application

  1. program materials
  2. program timeline, milestones and schedules
  3. and reasonable budget proposals
  4. of grant management, evaluations tools, and  attainment of objectives and goals


Grantees must submit a Semi-Annual Program Activities Report and a Grant Reimbursement Report that demonstrate performance outcomes and financial information over the term of the grant (reporting schedule included in grant agreement). To receive reimbursement funds Grantees must:

  • grant reports in a timely manner
  • maintain satisfactory compliance with the grant agreement and proposed grant activities
  • performance measures
  • and report participant demographic information
  • a detailed expense report with supporting documentation to justify reimbursement request
  • submit a longitudinal report six months after program completion demonstrating program objectives and indicate knowledge acquired

For adult programs,

  • pre-and post-surveys
  • sign-in sheets

Funding Structure

Grant funds will be awarded on a cost reimbursement basis for allowable and allocable funds as identified in the grant agreement. An advance of funds may be requested, with expense documentation to be submitted during subsequent reporting cycles. All subsequent distributions will be made after costs have been incurred and a request for reimbursement has been submitted.

Funding Limitations

Requests for general operating or capital improvement support will not be considered. Specific prohibited and permissible uses of grant funds are defined in the grant agreement. Travel allowances and restrictions are set by the Government Code Chapter 660.

Application Submission

The fund has one competitive program grant cycle every two fiscal years. For fiscal year 2018-2019, grant applications will be available July 1, 2017 and are due no later than September 25, 2017. Any application submitted past 12:00AM will not be eligible for consideration.  Grant applications must be completed using the Texas Financial Education Endowment FY 2018-19 Grant Application packet.

The application, with any attachments, can be submitted via mail or electronically.

Delivery to:       TFEE Grant Coordinator

                        Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner 2601 North Lamar Boulevard

                        Austin, Texas 78705

Electronic Submission:  grantcoordinator@tfee.texas.gov

Receipt of grant applications will be confirmed by email.  If confirmation has not been received within 3 business days, please contact TFEE Grant Coordinator at: grantcoordinator@tfee.texas.gov.

Application Review and Selection Process

The grant coordinator will collect and assess each application for eligibility and recommend appropriate applications to the Grant Advisory Committee “GAC”. The GAC will review applications and recommend programs for funding to the Finance Commission. The Finance Commission will make the final selections for organizations to award funds. The total amount of funds approved at the August 18, 2017 Texas Finance Commission meeting was $250,000 for the 2018-19 grant cycle and will be used to support programs this grant cycle with awards ranging from $5,000 to $40,000.

Upon completion of the competitive application and review process, successful grant applicants will be notified, in writing, in early November 2017.

Public Record

Texas Public Information Act: All information, documentation, and other material submitted is subject to public disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act. Applicants are hereby notified that the OCCC strictly adheres to this statute and applicable courts and Attorney General Opinions.

For more information, please contact the TFEE Grant Program Coordinator at grantcoordinator@tfee.texas.gov or 512.936.7639.