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2016 Webinar FAQs


1. What attachments are not counted toward the ten page maximum? The application is 9 pages and a
budget narrative is required which results in ten pages.

a. Documents that would be supplemental to the application would not count toward the
10 page maximum. For example: program brochures, newspaper articles, other publications, financial
statements, audits.

b. Any documents referenced on the check list would not be included in the ten page count.

2. For the children component; can the services be provided by non-profit agency OR do the
services need to be at a public school?

a. Services can be provided by either a non-profit agency or a public school.

b. Reporting Requirement question: adult programs must submit sign in sheets; For K-12 program we
don't have young children to sign in; we use a headcount form two staff members must count students
and sign; would that be appropriate?

c. For youth programming we only ask for a head count; sign-in sheets are only required for adult

3. What was the average grant amount awarded in the last grant cycle?


4. Would staff resumes be counted in 10 page max?

Yes, staff resumes will count toward the 10-page maximum since staff knowledge is a question on the
application. You may however, submit the resumes as supporting documentation in addition to
answering the question on the application.

5. Is there a preference to programs that are creating new programs or for ones that are
expanding current operations?

No, there is no preference for new or existing programs. If this is a new program, please
demonstrate evidence of running a successful program.

6. What is the policy regarding payment of indirect costs?

Please refer to the Grant Administration and Policy Manual for funding limitations.

7. Do you only pay the reimbursements twice a year for the funded project expense?

For one year grantees there will be two reimbursements. For 2-year grantees there will be four

8. Would instructor's fees be direct services?

Yes. Instructors' fees would be direct services.

9. Is it ok to use the money for overhead expenditures such as salaries for financial
coaches etc. or are you looking for funding to be used for materials for financial education?

a. Funds may be for either salaries or materials. If funds are used for salaries we will need
time sheets for expense justification. If the funds are used for materials for financial education
programming, please submit all receipts and invoices for reimbursement.

b. Please refer to the Grant Administration and Policy Manual for funding limitations.
http://www.tfee.texas.gov/final-grant-admin-and-policy-manual- approved-aug-21-2015.pdf

10. It appears that the grantee list includes organizations that are already well established and
well-funded anyway. Is this the profile of a grantee organization that the TFEE is seeking?

No, but we look for organizations that are financially stable and some programming
experience. Ultimately, we seek organizations whose objectives
align with the TFEE grant program. Please refer to the "Program Objectives" for
the criteria.

11. Will there be an initial grant distribution before reimbursements?

a. No. the first reimbursement will be distributed after the first report has been received (and
approved) with the requested reimbursement amounts along with the receipts, invoices, time sheets,

b. On a case-by-case basis advanced payments may be distributed.

12. I know that most grants do not like to fund personnel: since it is most cost effective to hire
an in-house Financial Coach versus constant contract services, is there a consideration for that?

Not having the final decision, I cannot attest to what considerations will be made.

13. You stated that the grant cycle is based on fiscal year not calendar year. Since grants will be
funded beginning in January does that mean the first year of a 2 year grant is January
- August and year 2 September - August?

The grant cycle for 1-year grantees will begin January 2016 and end December
2016. For 2-year grantees, programming begins January 2016 and ends
December 2017. New grant cycles open every even number year.

14. For adult programming do we have to provide exclusively business coaching or can we offer
coaching as well as other financial learning events?

If you are applying for TFEE funds, the programming offered must be for either financial coaching
or other financial learning events. Business coaching is not an
eligibility criterion and would not be appropriate for this grant program.